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8 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Bandung

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8 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Bandung

8 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Bandung

8 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Bandung: Bandung is famous for its attractive tourist destinations. Many tourists come to Bandung to see the exciting tourist destinations. Bandung has always been the main holiday destination during weekends or long holidays.

This time we will discuss 8 interesting tourist attractions of Bandung. So, for those who want to take a vacation or spend a weekend in Bendung, you no longer have to be confused to decide your destination. Just take a look at the list below!

1. Amazing Art World

This tourist spot is a museum with lots of extraordinary 3D paintings. Some of the 3D paintings here were painted by Indonesian artists and some by South Korean artists.

In the amazing art world, the painting room is divided into different areas. There are sea-themed aqua zones, dinosaur zones, painting zones, love zones, daily zones and much more. To be able to log in here and take pictures, you will be charged an IDR. 55,000 on weekdays and IDR. 75,000 over the weekend.

2. Begonia Garden

Although the area is not that big, Begonia Garden is always full of visitors. Because only by spending IDR. 20,000, you can take pictures with an already beautiful flower garden background.

Not only decorated with flowers, this tourist spot is also full of sculptures and photo spots of beauty. If you come here, you can take pictures and do interesting activities like picking fruits and vegetables in the garden.

3. Punctuated area

In the Punklut area, there are trendy tourist attractions that are very Instagramable. Not only cooking tours, you can also take selfie tours of trendy culinary destinations in Panklut.

Even more than the traditional food stall on Panklut Street, the Panklut Tourist Area has more than five superb instagenic cafes and restaurants. These include Boda Barn, Larang Enteng Panoramic Coffee, Kakrawala Sparkling Nature Resto, Tafso Barn, Dago Bakery, Cafe Corner of View and many more. You will usually be charged a fixed rate to enter the cafe areas and take pictures.

For example, to take pictures at Kakarawala Sparkling Nature Restaurant, an IDR will be taken from you. 15,000. Don’t worry, a given admission ticket can be replaced with ice cream or funny toys.


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