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A guide to choosing gold jewelry designs for a wedding

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A guide to choosing gold jewelry designs for a wedding

A guide to choosing gold jewelry designs for a wedding

A guide to choosing gold jewelry designs for a wedding: There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to weddings, especially grooming and grooming. Every bride has a dream that she will look like heaven in her wedding dress. We are here to guide you to choose some amazing designs of gold ornaments for the wedding.

Plan your budget

One of the things you should do before embarking on jewelry shopping is to plan your budget. We all know that buying jewelry will cost a lot. So, first plan your budget in detail and start shortlisting jewelry that you think will go well with your wedding dress.

Choose a design or theme

Since there are so many designs of gold jewelry available in the market, you should first choose the design that will look good on you. Some of the popular designs of jewelery include temple jewelery, antique jewelery, ruby ​​jewelery, pearl and gold jewelery, guttapuslu jewelery, stone jewelery etc. Make sure you choose a jewelry design that suits your wedding dress. If you are going to wear a traditional sari, you can go for temple jewelry or guttapuslu jewelry. Pearl jewelry and stone jewelry would be good for a classy or green dress.

Matching outfit

You have to match your outfit with your gold jewelry. You can also try to match the traditional saree by mixing it with modern gold jewelry. If you are going to wear a red or maroon silk sari or a wedding sari, you can go for ruby ​​jewelry. Layered gold jewelry will go well with the salwar and kurta you wear at the wedding.

Pair the necklace with the right earrings

Next, pair the neck set with the right pair of gold earrings. Gold has an unlimited number of earrings designs. Mostly, you can choose to buy earrings with a neckpiece as a set. Most jewelry stores offer both earrings and neckpiece assets. You can either buy it this way or you can buy your desired pair of earrings separately. You will find many traditional and trendy earrings when you choose to buy them separately. You can choose the one that suits both your dress and neck set.

Pieces of extra jewelry

A wedding is incomplete without a piece of jewelry. You can buy detachable heavy jewelry to make your look gorgeous. You can also use your mom’s jewelry to add an emotional touch to your look. Make sure you don’t wear too much-colored jewelry, as it won’t be glamorous or classy. Go for a single color and pair the jewelry with the right pair of earrings. Your jewelry set should also match your hairstyle.

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