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Tips for increasing the space in your home

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Tips for increasing the space in your home

Tips for increasing the space in your home

Tips for increasing the space in your home: Whether you just moved into a new home or have lived in the same location for 10 years, families, couples or single homeowners experience moments of transformation with their dream home. Times change, things change, and your interests as a homeowner change. But one thing that stays constant over time is the need for more space in your home.

As the family expands and needs to grow, your current storage cabinet is looking for new partners to make room for new content, moments and memories. But how can you expand storage without constantly changing space or changing furniture? Well, we have clever ways and simple tips to help you expand your storage space to make your home feel fresh, spacious, warm and welcoming.

Let’s get started!

1. Create your foyer function

From dropping your kids off at school, to getting keys and shopping bags on the way to the supermarket, to welcoming guests into your home, a lot happens at the entrance. So, why not make it functional and flexible to meet your everyday space needs? Start by placing hooks to hold bags, coats and umbrellas at the entrance.

A chair or wooden bench at the entrance to your home will create a moment of comfort to catch your breath after a storm in your home or to wear your shoes comfortably before going to work.

Add wooden storage cabinets to the space and you have storage to keep your shoes or accessories that often come in handy along the way.

2. Keep your kitchen easy to cook

The kitchen is probably the busiest room in the whole house. Keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free to enjoy easy cooking and company. Vertical shelves are a great way to expand your pantry storage. Install wall storage cabinets to store the most used utensils and components. This will free up space below and on the kitchen counter, giving you more space to cook.

You can go vertical with storage and bring a small seating area in the kitchen to welcome and entertain guests, friends and family. So, you don’t have to sacrifice the joy and special moments of meeting your loved ones after a long time, as you are in the kitchen all the time preparing food for them. Plus, you can enjoy cooking with your mom, grandma, ex-roommate or friends and create new stories and memories together.

3. Make space in the living room

These days there is less space for people to live and stay in the living room with a large sofa, center table, corner table, TV unit and art piece. Adding storage on top of it will remove the pint-size negative space and vibes of your living room.

So, when it comes to living room storage, smart working will take you a long way. The first thing you can do is buy a sofa or living room seat with built-in storage. Consider building a wall-mounted TV unit and use the floor space below for a living room storage cabinet to store additional accessories.

Choosing a center table with storage ottomans and drawers instead of multifunctional furniture such as a corner table will provide more space for storage while more space for welcoming guests and for daily family activities.

4. Make the most of your bedroom

The bedroom has become more than a place for accidents. It is a safe haven, the refuge of the world. With the changing lifestyle and our relationship with our personal shelter, today we need a change in the design of the bedroom.

And it’s easier said than done. Start by rearranging your clothes. Move less used clothing to under-bed storage and invest in wardrobe for storage. Exchanging an open side table with a small storage cabinet will help you store small and delicate personal items as well as frequently used items such as mobile chargers and stationery.

Instead of putting a wooden chair or vintage sofa by the window, what about bringing a two seater with adequate storage? This will give you more space to store less used beds while you can have some rest near the window.

5. Make your home office more productive

During the recent COVID-19 epidemic and a series of lockdowns, most people have converted the corners of their homes into temporary offices. However, smart storage can help you clutter up space and improve your productivity.

Invest in some stylish file cabinets. Storage cabinets with drawers can hold your work documents, stationery and electronic gadgets. Choosing creepy colors and stylish designs will bring vitality to your home’s corner office.

6. Essential bathroom storage

The story of the bathroom – the first and last room you visit every day – is probably the worst storage. And the result is cluttered bathroom spaces that make you feel the exact opposite of fresh. Also, if you are sharing a bathroom with your children or other family members, proper storage becomes more necessary.

Instead of storing everything in a large storage cabinet, consider using an open corner shelf and basket for quick access to your hygiene products and brand. A small storage cabinet can be life-saving by protecting your beauty products and electrical beauty equipment when not in use.

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