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How to install your own car stickers

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How to install your own car stickers

How to install your own car stickers

How to install your own car stickers: Considering how complicated it is to install stickers, I think it is better to leave it to the experts only. But for those of you who want to experience how it feels, there’s no harm in trying, right?

How to install Car Scotchlet is the only word for our discussion this time. In fact, there are still many customers or clients who often refer to all types of sticker material as scotlets.

Leave the sticker content

The sticker material can shrink when heated with a hotgun, so it is a good idea to leave a width of about 5 cm to cover the entire body of the car.

Even if it does not cover only two centimeters, if the part is very easy to see and lacks the area it should cover, the results are very poor. I start on the right or left side of the car.

Spread the sticker material on the body, you can ask a friend or relative to help you catch the other end. Then stick it on the body of the car, see if you think all the side bodies are covered?

Use magnetic hooks

If you are sure it is correct, get a magnetic hook, a magnet that is specifically used to help attach the sticker material to the body of the car. The pressure is strong, very helpful if you have to wrap yourself up.

Place the magnetic hook between the left and the bottom of the material so that the material cannot move. To completely close the other corners as well. The use of these magnetic hooks is very helpful when learning how to affix a full body sticker to a car.

Without a magnetic hook, you can also use insulation or sticker residue. When it comes to insulation, I prefer to use paper tape because it is resistant and easy to peel off again. If so, peel off the back of the sticker. Between the right and the left, the back of the sticker that is peeled off.

Define rubbing prefix

Peel a piece of paper about four or five centimeters wide. What’s going on? To take the initial position of the wrap. So starting from the middle, then the right side or the left side is up to you. If the sticker material is glued vertically in the middle, it will be easier to process.

Next, peel off the sticker paper vertically to the right or left of the benchmark. If so, you can ask a friend to help you hold the sticker material when you start rubbing with the rackwell. Just slow it down, don’t miss it as it will create bubbles (cold).

Pull, pull, heat

Use a regular stirrer when cleaning the surface of the sticker material. If your friend is a little tired and has sticker material attached to the body that hasn’t been rubbed. So don’t worry, the sticker material can be pulled back. This is the reason. That a hotgun is needed so that when the sticker material accidentally sticks, it is stretched so that it turns yellow like woven paper. Which can be easily repaired when heated by hotgun.

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