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Improve your online store’s conversion rate

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Improve your online store's conversion rate

Improve your online store’s conversion rate

Improve your online store’s conversion rate: So far, many businesses have realized the potential of an eCommerce website to reach a wider customer base and generate more revenue. From apparel boutiques to grocery stores – many businesses are creating online destinations with the dream of increasing their sales.

However, not all sites are meeting expectations. So, what is going wrong in these e-stores? We will find out below. We will also analyze how to solve these problems and maximize impact.

How to make your eCommerce website more conversion-based

Unattractive look

The first turn-off for people when they visit your website is an unnatural look. Stock images, outdated or no product description, a single picture of the product – all this can increase their dislike.


Your approach is exactly the opposite of what we said. Use fresh and original pictures. For example, you might be selling clothing or accessories, renting a model, and showcasing your products. If you sell electronics, give details of all the features. Also, ensure zoom-in functionality so people can check minute details of images. These days, 360-degree product views, videos, etc. are also popular.

In addition, the overall layout should be sleek. From color schemes to site features like menu bars, notification sliders, banners – everything needs to look stunning and attractive. You can hire a reputable ecommerce website design company to create an out-of-the-box e-store.

Your site is not targeted to the target market

It continues with the previous indicator. Suppose you send a pet. However, your site does not include images of any pets. It features a black and yellow color scheme with products scattered here and there.

We can assure you that people will not find it flashy and bouncy.


Here is another example. You have the same pet store. Its color scheme is white and pink. This includes creative images of various pets (such as kittens or puppies) using the products you sell. Say, a kitten eats cat food, a puppy gets dressed. All of these visitors buy items for their pets.

Lack of reviews

A study by Qualtrix claims that 93% of consumers read reviews online before making a purchase. If your e-store does not have customer reviews, you may fail to build trust among your potential customers.


In order to receive positive reviews, it is important to provide high quality products, provide flawless customer service and ask customers to respond. There are many tools that can help you automate the process. These tools will help you send messages to customers once the product has been delivered. Also, enable customers to share photos with text feedback to inspire confidence.

Don’t invest in digital marketing

If you think your website has everything we mentioned above, the problem is probably in your marketing methods. You have not adopted the right marketing techniques to create a desire in your audience to achieve this.


Digital marketing can boost your business and increase sales. You can take advantage of many marketing techniques. Here’s something:

Invest in SEO services to optimize your site for search engines. Once someone searches on a search engine for something you sell it will boost your rank and help increase visibility. In addition, high rank inspires confidence – the main factor of ecommerce.

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