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What is involved in plumbing?

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What is involved in plumbing?

What is involved in plumbing?

What is involved in plumbing?: Plumbing work falls under eight different areas: water, sanitation, gas fittings, roof or storm water, mechanical services or domestic heating, drainage, ventilation and cooling, fire protection, and water. Below is a brief overview of some of these locations, along with what each has to offer:


This is one we are all aware of: damaged toilets, leaking faucets and leaky plumbing are all water related problems. Pipe, as it connects to a water system, refers to the building and construction, replacement, setup, repair work, maintenance, alteration, screening or placement of any type of water supply solution.

Gas Fittings:

Compared to water systems, gas fittings refer to any type of operation performed on any type of pipeline, flue, device, instrument, control, instrument or various other items that supply or use gas. Gas plumbing is a specialized field, so make sure your plumber is properly licensed to carry out gas maintenance or repairs. Additional qualifications are required to cooperate with LPG.


This function relates to any type of component of above ground hygienic pipe system that connects sanitary components like toilets, faucets, containers, sinks, showers etc. and household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, bathroom remodeling. , for disposal system or underground sanitary drainage system.

Stormwater or roof covering:

Stormwater plumbing is an area that covers the roof system or flashing roofing system, as well as any components of the roofing drainage system associated with the collection or disposal of rainwater, as well as any connections. A type of rainwater for drains or tanks.


any component of an underground clean drainage system including an above-ground waste pipe or sewer disposal system; as well as any kind of design work related or connected thereto. Similarly, rainwater drainage connects the water downpipe covering the roof to the drainage disposal factor.

Mechanical services:

Pipes include mechanical cooling, heating or ventilation systems, which are related to the cooling, heating or ventilation of the house of that building. This includes any type of service as well as all flue, boiler, plumbing, associated roof, AC or venting jobs.


Functions associated with an irrigation system from water in the system to the final closure or control of any pressurized area in the system.

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